Want To Prevent Damage To Your Flip Flops – Here Are Top 10 Tips To Follow

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Whether you have a boatload of flip flops from last summer’s purchase or just a few pairs you stockpile to wear when they go on sale, it’s important to make sure they stay in good condition. Especially if you opt for the cheaper option, cheap ones only last about two years before falling apart! Fortunately, it is possible to salvage your newly-purchased boots after one or two tumbles down the stairs. By reading the tips listed, you will get to find more about it:

  • Wash the bottoms once each week:

This is one of the most important tips. Sand and dirt will stick to your flip flops after walking around in them, and if you don’t wash the bottoms regularly, they will start to get sticky with debris. This may also cause trouble for your other shoes because you’ll be transferring dirt from one pair to another!

  • Avoid leaving them in the hot sun:

Heat can do a number on your flip-flops. If you leave them in the hot sun, they can become warped and start to fit strangely. This will damage the shape of your shoes and might cause the strap to snap or break.

  • Don’t wear them in water:

Don’t wear your flip-flops to the beach or pool or anywhere that involves water. Neglecting this rule will cause the materials around your toes to rot and fall apart faster. 

  • Don’t wear them to do laundry:

You should never wear your flip-flops to the laundromat! This can cause your laces and straps to come undone, so you’re better off taking them off before you go in. Additionally, leaving dirty flip-flops in the dryer can damage their materials, and they’ll be more likely to fall apart.

  • Don’t wear them outside in the winter:

Winter is a very difficult season for flip-flops because they are usually too small or too cheap for the weather’s temperature. If you do go outside during this time of year, make sure that you always have good footwear so that your feet stay warm.

  • Re-lace them regularly:

If your flip flops start to rip their laces, make sure you replace them before it gets too bad. Having loose laces can cause the strap to break more easily, so fix it early on in the process.

  • Treat the bottoms with water repellent spray:

To keep your shoes in good condition, you should occasionally spray some water repellent onto the bottom of each pair after you wash them. This will prevent any water damage and help them last even longer!

  • Avoid wearing them in the same shoes for too long:

It’s better to wear flip-flops in the same pair of shoes for one month than to wear them in different pairs for a whole year. Most of the time, the difference is not worth it.

  • Treat your sandals on an annual basis:

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, you should treat your sandals annually. Some cheap sandals can be difficult to get clean and re-stain if they’re soaked with water, and when this happens, your sandals will start to fall apart.

  • Avoid getting them wet:

If you do happen to get your sandals wet, make sure you dry them off as quickly as possible before they start to mold. If you wait too long, your sandals will not be restored and will have to be thrown out.

Those are the best tips for making your flip-flops last longer and stay in good condition. So next time you buy a pair of cheap flip flops, remember these tips to prolong the life of your shoes!

Benefits Of Wearing Flip Flops In Summer

Whether you’re an avid beachgoer or like to get in the garden once in a while, it’s important to wear the right type of footwear to prevent damage. Even if you don’t wear them every day, flip-flops make great shoes to throw on when you need that extra layer of protection while going outside. Here are a few benefits of wearing flip flops:

  • Lightweight:

Many people like the way flip flops feel compared to other types of footwear, which makes them perfect for use around the home when you don’t want to wear sneakers or boots. Plus, they’re so lightweight that you won’t have any problems walking around all day with them!

  • Easily slip on and off:

Many people love the way flip flops feel to walk in, so if this is the case for you, you’ll be more likely to wear them around the home. The lightweight construction makes it easy for you to pull them on with your bare feet and out of the house when it’s time to go!

  • Breathable and airy:

Flip flops are designed to wick away moisture from your feet not to get too hot or uncomfortable when wearing them. This is why flip flops are ideal for wearing during warm weather because there’s less chance of blistering or overheating due to wearing them.

  • Comfortable:

You may think that flip flops are only comfortable around the house, but in fact, they’re super comfortable to wear outdoors as well. Not only that, but they’re versatile and can be worn anywhere from beaches to the pool to the fitness center.

Wearing your flip-flops in the right places can help you stay healthy.