Top 4 Breeze Tips to Clean Greasy Kitchen Chimney at Home

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Well, fed up with the strawberry grease and oil stains in your kitchen? Then you are most probably at the appropriate blog to read out the essential tips that help you know the significant phenomena to get rid of all these stains instantly. 

It has been known that some stains get stuck at the surface due to cooking. If you leave it untouched, it turns into something different and appears worse than you think. 

However, without thinking a lot, you will learn about some tips to clean the chimney genie at your home with some adequate solutions. The solutions are a few home remedies that help you get rid of all those stains relatively. So let’s dig into them!

  • Make use of Vinegar 

Vinegar is an incredible option for getting rid of the greasy kitchen. This is because Vinegar has some fantastic properties, such as acidic and mild abrasive. On top of that, VinegarVinegar is available in every kitchen cupboard. 

If you desire to clean your kitchen, then dip a paper towel and go for vinegar solution to wipe out the surfaces that need to get clean. Along with it, Vinegar has the property to disinfect germs. In this way, you can keep your kitchen neat and clean, and germ-free most importantly.

  • Paint Thinner will be Amazing!

 If you desire to eliminate stubborn grease and oil stains, you come up with the great option of paint thinner. Yes, you have read right that pet thinner is a great way to remove all the harmful stains effortlessly. 

Since pet theatre has some organic solvents that help to remove oil and grease relatively, make sure you are soaking a piece of cloth before the theatre. Last but not the least, rub the cloth on the chimney to remove the grease stains.

  • Consider Baking Soda

Another effortless way to get rid of the greasy kitchen is the solution of baking soda. This is also a significant component available in every kitchen and helps you not let your kitchen be oil stuck. 

Since baking soda has some essential properties, such as mild alkaline and abrasive, remove all the oil stains without making a come to your surface. Is it amazing? Add two tablespoons of baking soda with some water and apply it on the surface for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This will remove all the grease from the area.

  • Dishwashing Liquid will be Killing. 

Many people are aware of dishwashing liquids. This liquid is majorly used for washing appliances. Right? You are you come up with the other use of dishwashing liquid since it has some properties to unblock and remove the oil deposits and grease on the surface of the chimneys. 

Apply some liquid on the surface, and you can also add some liquid on a sponge for removing the Oil stains and grease available on chimneys. After that, make sure you leave the surface for approximately two hours. 

Bottom Line 

Removing the dirt from chimneys is essential and straightforward! However, some effortless ways help you remove the dirt from the surface relatively. To know more about those ways, you can consider the above-given information.