The History Of Pest Control- 18th Century To 21st Century

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Pests have always been a source of annoyance and diseases to humans, be it the 18th century or the 21st. From early days onwards, humankind found newer, better methods to manage pests in their homes, offices, and public space. Technology and science have come a long way from primitive techniques to more advanced genetically engineered pest management measures. 

18th-century pest management 

Even though science was not as much developed in the 18th century, humans devised various creative ways to control pests. The first methods included just identifying the breeding locations. Brushing up the mattress, shaking the carpets, and randomly checking the nooks in kitchens revealed the breeding grounds of pests. A large number of larvae of moths were regularly found in these spots. 

Natural pest control 

Pest control was not always about chemicals. The first control measures were natural remedies, like cedar. The 18th-century folks were rather smart to use cedar oil to repel pests. It was found when they learned that pests were not attacking boxes and cupboards made up of cedarwood. Arguments about the lack of pests being the tight lids and not the cedar were made. There is a chance for it to be true as well. 

But later, people understood hygiene is the key to pest control. Regularly cleaned and tidied up homes experienced much fewer pest attacks than those that are not often cleaned. 

Increased pest issues 

With modernization, women were not confined to their homes anymore. Frequent cleaning was not possible anymore. Hence the period saw an increase in the number of pests. 

  • Rats and rodents: Rats and other rodents ruled households. So, houses were closed at all times, and whatever opening for ventilation was made too small for the pests to enter. The latest solutions involve sticky patches to entrap the rats or other rat trapping devices. Poison is also another option. 
  • Moths: Moths are often seen associated with wool, fur, etc. They can be found under carpets, sofas, and cushions made of fur, and mattresses. They cause itching and other allergies in humans. Hence, it is crucial to get rid of them as quickly as possible. 

  • Carpet beetles: Even though they are similar to moths, they are two different species. They also have different breeding habits. But same pest control measures can be applied for both these species.
  • Ants: Ants are pests that need extra precautions since they not only invade indoors but also outdoor, forming never-ending lines. They can cause damage to the plug points, wires, and other electricals. Sometimes they even get inside electrical devices like televisions, mobiles, laptops and damage them. If you see lines of ants near your malfunctioning laptop keyboards, you have the culprit right under your nose. 

Several techniques of pest control have been introduced over the years. The modern methods happen to be a lot more invasive, quick, and effective. If you are fed up with a pest problem, check out for pest control services in and around Morristown.