Step By Step Guide To Removing Men Pubic Hair With A Razor

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Shaving for men is not just about beards and mustaches but also pubic hair. Umpteen men prefer having a neat and clean crotch, while some may prefer to keep it in intact way only. Though the decision depends upon the guy only, a little trimming is at least sometimes necessary to deal with perspiration, etc. Out of all the pubic hair removal options, shaving is the most common, safest, cheapest, and most effective method. However, the primary concern with shaving is that the lack of its know-how can lead to cuts.

There is no need to be scared about this because a little guidance can help to have a painless and woundless genital shaving experience. You may also look for more information on personal grooming at Hubs Cart.

How to shave pubic hair with a razor?

Just be confident and do the following steps for miraculous shaving.

  • Invest in the right tools

The first step would be to buy the required tools and other products beforehand. Do not fall on the bait of cheap products; it is significant to purchase only good quality things because it is about your genitals. Buy a shaving kit from a reputed brand. It should ideally have a razor, electric trimmer, comb, and a cleaning brush; anything else would be a bonus. If the kit does not have more things, you will need to buy alcohol-free pre-shave oil also.

  • Trim the lengthier hair first

One of the common mistakes is to aim for one stroke shaving right from the roots. If you want to remove every bit of pubic hair, do not razor it down wholly in the first go itself. You must trim down the length first if the growth is more than one-third of an inch. Cut the pubic hair till they are as short as one-fourth of an inch. Longer hair tends to get stuck in the blades of the razor which can be painful. So, shorten them first.

  • Wash for dual purpose

Men usually skip this step; please note, never jump into the shaving process straight away. It might seem to be a demanding job but you will thank yourself for doing this. Before removing pubic hair, the most crucial thing is to have a clean crotch. Thus, taking a shower or washing the genitals before the shaving process is a must-do step. 

Also, it has another wowing benefit. A smooth and pain-free shaving requires softer hair. Therefore, lathering up well and washing it down will serve both cleaning and softening purposes.

  • Ensure tightness and steadiness

Do not forget to apply pre-shave oil or lotion. The next step would be to stretch the pubic skin for seamless shaving. Be assured to stand/sit on a firm surface to avoid losing your balance in the process. Remember to move the razor in the opposite direction of your pubic hair growth. Shave to the length of your satisfaction. Wash with cold and not hot water in the end.