State Valid Reasons Showing That Cats Are Obsessed With Their Owners!


There are so many reasons why being a cat owner, and you should know till now as a cat shows different behavior, which is not easy to understand at a single time. In order to understand them, you have to spend time and love with each other. 

It is true that although kittens care about us as we do, sometimes they want to be left alone and have their own space and time. But along with it, there are some little kittens who are always sticking by the side of their owner in order to get affection all the time. 

Some of the common reasons which show the change in the cat’s behavior which making them obsessed with their owner. It is a feeling of showing love and affection to each other, as it gives positive signs in your house. 

  • Feeling Of Separation From Their Mother 

Usually, kittens are kept with their mothers until they grow up to three months. But after that, they are mainly abandoned by their mother on the streets, or some become orphans due to an accident with their mother. 

Real life is very tough for little kittens and pets because this is the time they need care and affection the most. At the time you bring a little kitten to your place, they feel like getting a new mother, which brings them close to you. 

  • Insecurity 

Insecurity is a feeling which brings not only cats but people obsessed with each other. Sometimes, you may observe that bringing something new to your house, like another little pet, can make your kitten insecure for you. 

They do have feelings, as we humans have. Kittens or cats don’t like when someone else comes to their place or disrupts your routine. This shows a sense of insecurity in their behavior towards their owner. It can be shown by watching different mood swings or behavior changes in your kitten. 

  • Cat Is Anxious Or Under Stress

When your cat is under any stress or anxiety, they are obsessed with you in no time. This is a very rapid change in behavior that kittens feel at the time of some fear and anxiety, which can be occurred for any reason. 

At this time, your kitten will get attached to your body and will not move away from you. Because doing so will make them feel safe and secure from any fear or stress they are feeling inside their heart. 

  • Cat Sickness 

If you feel the cat’s obsessive behavior is new, then you must visit a vet to keep a check on your cat’s health. Your cat might be sick, which you may don’t know before, and which is reflected by their strange behavior. In this case, it is necessary to understand their behavior so that real health problems can be known. 

There are some cats that are good at hiding their pain from their owner, but some show different and strange behavior in a way to communicate with you. For example, cats become obsessed when they feel sick or they are dying. 

  • Wants Attention 

If you ignore your cat and don’t spend any time with your cats, then you might feel that they are becoming obsessed with you. This is because every time you come to the house, they will start roaming around you and gives you their paws or face to the touch and show love. 

Although cats are little solitary creatures, they too have feelings like humans. Whenever they are felt neglected then, they will immediately try to get your attention in certain ways. This behavior shows the need to love and obsession with their owners. 

Some Last Words, 

Accept that your kitten loves you and is obsessed with you. All they need is love and care from your side. If you cannot understand their behavior, then make sure to visit a vet immediately because sometimes strange behavior can lead to serious health problems. 

Thus, all the above reasons show the obsessive behavior of your cat. These are the signs of showing positivity unless they are sick or dying. They are just trying to show their love and care towards you by showing different and strange behavior.