Relationship Advice For Guys Looking To Brush Up On Their Dating Skills

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That first date can be pretty stressful when you’re not too sure of what you’re doing. Any worthwhile relationship advice for guys should take into account the dating process, which is the critical point at which you and a girl really get to know each other, and see if you’re compatible. Some men feel like girls are too mysterious and hard to figure out, or tough to please; The truth is, with a little know-how and some planning, you’ll find the entire process all too simple. This article will go into detail on some of the most important dating tips that you need to be aware of, including some of the best dating questions that you can ask a girl on a date.

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The first date should not be overly serious. Keep things enjoyable and casual at this stage.

Of course you need to understand that we’re talking about “proper” first dates here. The short meeting at the coffee shop or bar is really more of a preliminary stage to see if there’s any real interest between you two at all. For your real first date however, you should be looking to take the initiative; Make some reservations or plans ahead of time, and opt to pick her up for the date.

When dating a beautiful woman, make her feel “in demand” by planning things ahead.

Taking some serious time to plan things out will make her feel a lot more important and wanted. It also provides another interesting element for her – anticipation. By planning your dates ahead by several days, you give her something to wait for and look forward to. Most dating advice for guys will recommend that you plan your dates for the weekend. This is obviously convenient for both parties, but in the beginning it can be “okay” to plan dates during the week, just keep the more serious dates for the weekend.

Remember that the way you behave on dates is giving off a lot more information than you think. Your actions speak louder than your words.

Men will always invest in the things that they deem valuable. This includes women, and women know this very well. If you really want to impress a girl and send a clear message of your interest to her, then you should be showing her just how much you’re investing into your relationship with her. The best relationship advice for guys you can ever get – be confident!

Don’t be afraid to give her pre-date confirmation.

You might be surprised the amount of stress and work a woman will go through while preparing for a date. A great thing you can do to gain her approval is call ahead of time to let them know that you’re looking forward to seeing them and spending some time with them. This can really take a lot of the edge off the preparation period for a woman. It’s even a good idea to call ahead when you’re on your way to pick them up. Obviously don’t go overboard with this, use your own discretion, you don’t want to come off as pushy or overly obsessed. This is a good tip in general when it comes to love advice for men, as women quite honestly like guys that are primarily independent in the way they do things.

Be on time!

This goes along with the above tip and is very important. You really don’t want to keep a woman dating, especially not on your first date. Again remembering all the time and effort they’ve put into preparing themselves and anticipating your arrival – don’t let them feel like they’ve just wasted their time. If you have to arrive late for some reason, be sure to contact them and let them know; If you planned ahead properly, you should have left plenty of time to meet your reservations, if you have any, even with being slightly late.

When arriving, let them know what you think.

You’re probably wondering what to say to a girl for the first time on a date – simple. Earn her affection by complimenting the way she looks. Looks are very important to women, and as we’ve said before, they put a lot of time and energy into the whole thing. Let them know that you approve and find them attractive. Doing this will immediately set that romantic tone that you’re looking to establish on a date.

Be organized and have a plan.

Women really love confidence, and they want a guy that can care for them. Show them that you’re capable of setting things up and planning ahead. All of this will allow you to exude confidence, and will allow the woman to really relax and enjoy her time with you. Take some charge and lead the way! Most relationship advice for guys doesn’t talk enough about being planned; It’s really not a good idea to just “wing-it” in most situations, even if it might seems like it might show that you’re confident and carefree. Sure, you don’t want to come off as anxious and worried, but completely “carefree” is generally not good. Something you should really consider doing is thinking up some things to talk about on the date. The best dating questions to ask women on a date are those that aren’t too intrusive, but aren’t just simple closed-ended, pointless questions that don’t really reveal anything about the person. The rules of casual dating can be summarized into two words, planning and confidence.

You really should be paying.

These days it might be less common for there to be a heavy expectation for the man to pay for a date, but it’s still a good idea to at least offer anyway. Women already invest a lot into dating as it is, not just financially but emotionally too. Be a little chivalrous and she’ll certainly appreciate it.

If things do happen to go poorly, be cool about it.

Sometimes a date might not work out; It might not even be that there’s an incompatibility between you and a woman, sometimes a date can just be a bit of a dud. This isn’t such a big deal if you don’t make it into one. Let her know that you appreciate her coming out and spending some time with you. Don’t focus too much attention on the outcome of the date itself. This actually shows more confidence and that you don’t let little things bring you down.

On the other hand, things worked out great!

Don’t get overly excited and mess things up at this point. You had a great date, awesome – that’s a foot in the door. At this point it really depends on where you two are at in your relationship. Take some initiative at this point and begin discussing your next date together. Acknowledge how the date went and that you would really like to see her again. If everything has gone good, and you follow the above relationship advice for guys, there should be no issue in getting another date at this point.