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What Are Common Things That A Person Can Include In His Desk?

Wardrobe inserts add a great deal to your desk. These are accessories that you use every day but can’t seem to find the time to buy. Here are a few wardrobe inserts we think you might find useful.  Desk Organizer – A desk organizer is one of those items you need, even if you don’t […]

Geothermal Principles

Geothermal energy is the use of thermal energy from Earth’s interior. The thermal energy is used for space and home õhk vesi soojuspumbad (air water heat pumps), cooling, and water heating. The two main sources of geothermal energy are hot springs, which are naturally heated water that comes up through ground cracks and can be used […]

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One Source Flooring, Inc.

While you will most commonly see rubber flooring in gyms, daycares and hospital settings, many residential homeowners are starting to utilize this effective flooring material for their basements, child playrooms, and home gyms. Offering a variety of advantages and benefits, rubber flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions you could utilize for commercial or residential use. Many consumers prefer this material for at least one room in their project designs for the sheer convenience and ease to break up the overall pattern design between rooms.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring Solutions

Whether you are looking to utilize rubber flooring in your home or office, you can expect to enjoy continued benefits and advantages such as:

Durability –

Even in the most high-traffic commercial areas, rubber flooring will uphold the same firm, secured and leveled patterns as it did upon installation.

Stylish Designs –

Just because it is rubber doesn’t mean it has to be dull and vague looking! One Source Flooring, Inc., offers an exceptionally balanced selection of rubber flooring materials to incorporate into your own unique designs.

Realism –

The flexibility of the design patterns provide amazing realism.

Protection and Safety-

The rubber material offers the utmost protection against injuries from falling, slipping or accidents. Rubber flooring is also extremely easy to maintain and will not damage if vacuumed.

Resiliency –

Due to the high percentages of recycled content in the rubber, it offers one of the highest resilient rates on the market.

Addiction Recovery Relapse – Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It

What do you do when you experience an addiction recovery relapse? Specifically, how do you handle a seemingly harmless indulgence of a previously addicting drug, alcohol or perhaps bingeing on sugar?

This isn’t as difficult a problem to tackle as you might imagine. It takes a bit of pre-planning, mental focus, and an indomitable will to not fall victim to a troublesome addictive habit again.

How addictions develop

Most food or substance addicts are genuinely alarmed when, after engaging a particular addiction resolution technique, those same old compulsive cravings begin resurfacing. They conveniently blame the program, family or even themselves for what they perceive to be a failure.

Let’s briefly explore the mechanism of addiction to see where the fault, if any, truly lies. Most recognized addictions have three components:

  • Physical component involving one or more of the physical senses
  • Emotional component involving a desire-driven compulsive urge or craving
  • Psychological component inclusive of thoughts, mental imagery and the justification behind the addictive tendency

Addictions – which include strong compulsive tendencies such as uncontrolled anger, violence, hatred, bigotry, jealousy and the like – are the result of attraction to a pleasant or otherwise satisfying stimulus, such as food, drugs, alcohol, a mindset, etc.

Frequent experience of the addictive habit will lead to a strong desire-driven compulsion toward the offending stimulus. If there is nothing in place psychologically to check the wanton indulgence of the addicting stimulus, a full-blown addiction can develop.

One common shortcoming of most addiction resolution organizations

There are many addiction resolution organizations and related groups that can help you get started reversing your addiction. These will usually show success with the physical component of the addiction within 30 to 60 days.

The great majority of recovering addicts experience difficulty during and after the initial physical recovery period. This is a time of great significance in that the mind is fragile, at best, and any strong surge of compulsive craving can present a problem for the addict.

It is during this time the beast of addiction will cry out to feed in any way possible. It will demand your undivided attention once again if only for the short time it takes for you to satisfy its craving for the addictive stimulus it desires.

Most addicts and apparently many addictions counselors gravely underestimate the sheer coercive power and influence of the beast over the addict’s recovering psyche. It’s a great deal to ask of a recovering addict – to do battle with the beast on its home turf; strong visual imagery and the feeling of satiety while indulging the addiction.;

So, where did the recovery effort go wrong? In my clinical and personal experience, it’s not purely a matter of an addict having done something ‘wrong.’ Addicts who have a tendency to relapse often omit one important factor from their recovery endeavors – a preset, willful, persistent mindset to ensure success in defeating the beast.

Overcoming addiction recovery relapse

When you first attempt to kill the physical component of the addiction by not feeding the addiction, the beast will certainly come strolling down your block shouting out to the world about how ungrateful you have been for not feeding your ‘good buddy, It will try every trick it can think of to fool you back into a submissive relationship in order for you to begin feeding it again.

Make no mistake, the beast may seem to be completely subdued and vanquished, but it only seems that way. It is still quite alive but temporarily dormant. Yes, it is asleep. However, the wrong train of thought, a physical stimulus, desire-filled mental imagery and a momentary lack of focus is all the beast needs to awaken and reanimate.

To overcome the emotional and psychological components of addiction will require the development of a strong and determined mindset that you can immediately default to when even a thought of the old addiction or compulsive tendency comes to mind.

You turn your back on the cries of the beast and instantly engage a positive, addiction-reversing mindset you have previously established. It will become your default protective shield against the beast.

This is the powerful technique you will employ each time the beast awakens. Your lack of attention to its cries and not allowing the beast to express itself will soon render it powerless against you. THIS is how you overcome a deep-seated, desire-driven addiction of any kind – by daily, intelligent nurturing of your newly empowered mindset.

Where can you learn to develop this kind of protective shield successfully? Contact me and I will show you how addiction recovery relapse can soon be a thing of the past.

Flooring and Carpet at Midland Marble & Granite Flooring America in Lee’s Summit, MO

Introducing Move Or Improve Assurance Now you can buy new flooring with confidence knowing that if you change your décor or move within 10 years, you can save up to 50% on your next flooring purchase† . Watch Our Videos Watch the Move or Improve Assurance Commercial See tips to impress guests and homebuyers. New Floors With Peace Of Mind Flooring is a major investment in your home. What happens if you change your style? Or, if you move? Now, you can install floors that you love today, knowing that a change of heart or change of house won’t break the bank. Move or Improve Assurance is available exclusively from Flooring America and Flooring Canada — and it’s available across the U.S. and Canada. So you can move, or improve practically anywhere. And, there’s no catch! Why You Need It What if you move?

New flooring in your current house will increase the value of your property and give you an edge in today’s real estate market. Plus, when you sell your house, you can use your Move Or Improve Assurance to upgrade the floors in your new house at a savings of up to 50%! What if you want a change?

Nothing improves the look and feel of your house like new floors, but many people choose to put it off. With Move Or Improve Assurance, there’s no reason to put off this important remodeling upgrade. Move Or Improve Assurance will ensure that you save in the future if you decide to change the look of your room or if you want to upgrade to a higher end product. Protect your investment.

The Move Or Improve Assurance program is available throughout the U.S. and Canada, so the investment you make in your floors is protected, no matter where life takes you. Talk to one of our flooring experts about Move Or Improve Assurance today. How To Get It: 1. Purchase your new flooring from Flooring America or Flooring Canada

2. Select Move or Improve Assurance for the special introductory investment of $39

3. If you move or improve your floors in the next 10 years, show your original receipt and Move or

Improve Assurance Certificate to redeem your discount. It’s that simple! How It Works: When you redeem your Move Or Improve Assurance program certificate, you’ll receive a discount of up to 50% toward your new flooring purchase. Your discount is based on the amount of your original purchase and how long you’ve had your floor. Best of all, there’s no maximum dollar amount — your discount is up to 50% of your original purchase, whether it’s $500 or $5,000!

For instance, if you buy flooring with Move Or Improve Assurance now, then move or want to change your floor a year and a half later, you would get a discount of 40% of your original purchase to apply to your new purchase!

The chart below shows you how the discount works over a 10 year period. Time period from date of purchase Qualified Conditions Your Discount Year 1: 6–12 Months Move Only 50% Discount Year 2: 13–24 Months Move/Replace/Upgrade 40% Discount Year 3: 25–36 Months Move/Replace/Upgrade 30% Discount Year 4: 37–48 Months Move/Replace/Upgrade 20% Discount Year 5-10: 49–120 Months Move/Replace/Upgrade 10% Discount Go ahead and invest in beautiful new floors today. Then if you reconsider, remodel, redecorate, upgrade or relocate, you’re covered for the next 10 years. †Visit your local store or download the brochure for details.

New floors can improve the value and boost the selling price of your home. Still have 70s shag in the living room? Update to new carpet for instant buyer appeal. Buyers love walking into a home with newly installed carpet and plastic carpet protectors covering the walkways. It gives the buyer that new feeling and tells them the home is well cared for.

Don’t skimp on the cushion. You don’t want potential buyers distracted by how harsh and hard the floor feels beneath their feet.

Is your hardwood floor in need of TLC? It’s less expensive to replace damaged boards than to subtract the cost of repairs from your asking price.

The smell of just baked cookies at an open house can really add to the appeal of your home. Just don’t burn them!

Help your home sell faster: make your hard surface floors shine with a good cleaning and polish before putting your home on the market.

If you’re not replacing carpet in your home, be sure to have it professionally cleaned before selling. Buyers want to see a clean, move-in ready floor.

Methamphetamine – Addiction Drug

While it is not true that every time an individual ingests some type of drug substance they will automatically suffer from substance abuse or addiction problems, it is also true that there are certain drug substances that are more dangerous than others. Methamphetamine is one of the more dangerous drug substances currently available.

Most individuals turn to drug use when they have encountered some physical, mental or emotional problem in their life for which they have no other solution. What most individuals fail to realize is that drug substances cannot solve the problems for which they are taken, and normally create a host of new problems that are far more devastating to the individual’s health and life. Unfortunately, the way that drug substances interfere with the normal functions of the brain and body can affect the individual’s ability to fully recognize the damaging effects of drug use.

Drug substances cannot solve the problems for which they are taken, but they can offer temporary relief to the individual by suppressing the undesirable symptoms of a problem, including physical pain and stress. Furthermore, most drug substances stimulate desirable sensations, and it is for this reason that many individuals will continue their drug use after the initial “hit”. Over time, tolerance of drug chemicals means that the individual no longer experiences the same desirable effects of drug use as they once did, and the individual is driven to use greater quantities of the drug, or more powerful drug substances, in order to recreate the desirable sensations.

An individual becomes a drug addict when they compulsively continue to use drug substances, despite the many damaging effects drugs have on their health, relationships and life. Many drug addicts suffer from drug dependence, wherein the body has become so used to drug chemicals interfering with its normal operation that it now depends upon them for normal operation. A drop in drug levels in the body often causes the individual to experience uncomfortable or painful withdrawal symptoms, which essentially force the individual to continue their drug use.

Individuals who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction problems are often so focused on the goal of achieving and maintaining their drug high that every thought and action revolves around obtaining, using and recovering from drug substances. It is for this reason that drug abusers and addicts are often in denial about their drug problems – they simply cannot see them or they refuse to acknowledge them for what they are. When one is considering the complex problems of drug abuse and addiction, it is the more potent and addictive substances that often create the biggest problems. Methamphetamine is one of these substances.

About Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is a man-made, extremely addictive drug substance that is normally manufactured in larger laboratories in Mexico or the United States. However, because the drug can easily be made using over-the-counter and store-bought ingredients, methamphetamine can also be made in smaller, home-based laboratories. Federal law requires that pharmacies and other retail stores that sell pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients used to produce methamphetamine and an ingredient normally found in cold medicines, limit the quantity of pseudoephedrine products an individual can purchase on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient action to halt methamphetamine production, especially when one considers that an individual can visit a number of different retail stores in order to purchase all the pseudoephedrine necessary for methamphetamine production.

The individual who cooks up methamphetamine does so by combining pseudoephedrine with harsh chemicals like battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel and antifreeze in order to boost the drug’s strength and potency. Cooking and combining these chemicals is highly dangerous, and can cause explosions that not only harm the cooks themselves, but also endanger other innocent individuals who are occupying nearby homes or buildings. Furthermore, the toxic waste produced through methamphetamine production can poison individuals who are exposed to it, even long after the laboratory has been shut down.

Individuals who take methamphetamine normally swallow, smoke snort or inject the drug. When methamphetamine enters the bloodstream it moves quickly to the brain, where it causes an immediate and intense euphoria by stimulating the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is involved in the pleasure and reward circuits of the brain, as well as basic motor function. This pleasurable, stimulating sensation may last for up to thirty minutes, and is normally followed by a period during which the individual feels aggressive and argumentative. An individual experiencing this phase of methamphetamine use may focus intensively on some insignificant action and seem paranoid about completing it, such as wiping the same counter over and over for several hours. Eventually, these stimulating effects begin to wear off, which leads many methamphetamine users to binge on the drug, taking repeated doses of methamphetamine for anywhere from three to fifteen days in a row. Each time they take another dose of methamphetamine the user experiences a slightly less intense rush or high, until finally they don’t experience any sort of pleasurable sensation from methamphetamine use. It is at this point that they come down from the stimulating effects of methamphetamine and into the drug’s depressant effects, normally experiencing feelings of emptiness and craving. This phase of methamphetamine use is commonly referred to as tweaking, and the individual is usually unable to sleep for days at a time, experiencing a psychosis that may include a disconnection from reality and hostility toward self and others. Finally, the body is no longer able to operate and it shuts down or crashes, resulting in a long period of apparently lifeless sleep that can last for up to three days. When the individual awakens they are normally starved, dehydrated and completely exhausted. Their solution to these problems is to take more methamphetamine, and the cycle begins again.

Because many individuals abuse methamphetamine in an effort to maintain the pleasurable euphoria produced by the drug, and because methamphetamine stimulates the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, use of this drug can quickly cause dependence in the individual’s body.

Some side effects of methamphetamine use include anxiety, decreased appetite, increased respiration, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, hyperthermia, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, violent behavior, paranoia, hallucinations and the delusion that insects are crawling under the skin. Methamphetamine use can also cause severe tooth decay, sores on the skin from excessive picking and scratching and gray, hanging skin.

Help for Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction Problems

An individual who is suffering from methamphetamine abuse and addiction is usually unable to resolve these problems on their own. Withdrawal from methamphetamine use is very painful and dangerous, so it should never be attempted without the care and supervision of trained and experienced medical professionals. Some methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms include depression, lack of energy, intense cravings and violent thoughts, including thoughts of suicide. An inability to fully and effectively resolve one’s methamphetamine abuse and addiction problems will likely result in a relapse into methamphetamine use. The critical components to methamphetamine rehabilitation treatment include:

Physical detoxification to rid the body systems of all residuals of this drug substance, thereby greatly reducing or even eliminating methamphetamine cravings.

Counseling to help the individual address and resolve the underlying causes for their methamphetamine use.

Health and nutrition education to aid the individual in repairing the physical damage done by methamphetamine use.

Life skills education to give the individual the tools and abilities they will need to work through future problems, difficulties and challenges in their life without returning to methamphetamine use.

Aftercare services that help smooth the individual’s transition back into their normal life environments and routines with the support and encouragement necessary to maintain their sobriety.

It may be true that methamphetamine use can quickly cause devastating dependency and addiction problems, but it is also true that with the right treatment, it can and has been effectively resolved.

Antidrug Advertising Hitting Missing Mark

What is the impact on a child who writes up graffiti to see an advert on a bus – which says “graffitidiots”? Does it not re-enforce any negative thinking? Perhaps invoke retaliation?

What is the impact on a teenager who drinks alcohol to excess, to see a picture of a girl crashed through a coffee table? – Someone is in need of care – quick, ring for paramedics and an ambulance – alcohol abuse will get you into care.

How does a heroin addict react to a graphic picture of someone “shooting up”? A sure way to set them on the pathway to instant recovery – or more like giving an alcoholic a photo – of a bottle of “Jim Beam”?

Some people place themselves in our community with the job description and responsibility to open lines of communication with young people who act out in anti social ways and use drugs.

These people then sit in their offices and think of ways to use money and power to overcome these deviant ways. No use talking to a kid that does graffiti, no use talking to an addict. Send them a sign that we really mean business – plough all of our government funding (except for our wages), back into an advertising campaign. That will satisfy all stakeholders and everyone concerned that we have earned our keep and done our best to discourage these deviant ways.

No one can mediate between opposing parties unless they can see the inherent validity of each side of the issue. Empowerment of all parties to speak, to be heard, and to have their position respected is the only way to achieve a satisfactory resolution to any problem.

People who use “persuasive force” in place of real communication with addicts and those who feel angst against “society” do nothing good with the messages that they send. They simply fail to see the issues from the other side of their “fence”.

Well intentioned, but ill considered methods and messages either hit the target exactly where it hurts, and invoke retaliation, or miss the mark completely, encouraging not recovery but continued use and abuse.

Authorities today see substance abuse and anti-social behavior as being either a deliberate choice, or something that people are born with, that mysteriously “develops” as genetic disease. Once identified, such people are immediately “diagnosed” as having a medical or psychiatric problem, and thereafter offered medication and control by the system.

If you are using substances to control your feelings, or compulsively want to act out in anti social ways, you need to understand that you cannot change the world – only the way that you see it.

Confrontation with institute powers that be, whether society in general, or in your own family only works for improvement or change when both sides have respect for and listen to each other’s point of view. Sadly, many of those with power in our society cling to it with a ruthless determination not to see or hear anything that might dilute that power or result in a fairer solution. They see independence of thought and action as a threat to personal power.

If you are using substances or feel anger with the system using independent holistic centers for substance detox and rehabilitation can help you to sort out and understand your feelings, and why you feel oppressed. Holistic counseling and support, without use of drugs, will help you to find better options and ways to “do” your life.

Share and Spread Drug Addiction Help:

One Source Flooring, Inc – Why Choose Wood?

The beauty about commercial wood flooring is the instant appreciation that it receives when you walk into the room. Wood flooring solutions have been used for centuries, being one of the first types of flooring available. It has been used to enhance the decor of offices and professional environments since they have existed as well – all while providing a stable and reliable foundation. Today, there is a wide variety of wood flooring available that provides a modern and cost-effective approach to style and professionalism.

Benefits of Commercial Wood Flooring Solutions

Whether you are looking to utilize wood flooring in your office or commercial facility, you can expect to enjoy continued benefits and advantages such as:

Environmental Advantage-

Wood flooring is known to use less water and energy to produce than other flooring options, making it a better environmental choice. Even upon removal, wood flooring can be burned and recycled to continue it’s environmental advantage.

Durability –

Even in the most high-traffic commercial areas, wood flooring will uphold the same firm, secured and leveled patterns as it did upon installation.

Stylish Designs –

Wood flooring is available in a variety of material, color and grain options that offer the beauty of natural materials to enhance the designs.

Realism –

The flexibility of the design patterns provide amazing realism.

Resiliency –

Since wood is an all-natural material with bare minimal, if any artificial content, it has become one of the the most resilient products on the market.

The One Source Flooring Wood Guarantee

As with all of our services, One Source Flooring guarantees nothing less than customer satisfaction with our wood flooring products and installations. We will help you choose your design and pattern, ensuring that your wood flooring choice best suits your vision of the final design.

Infographic Resumes Improve Job Search

I realise corrections is not for everyone. Corrections can be a high stress situation, but the rewards of helping others while protecting the public is a reason to consider this career.

However, some people have other interests. That is normal, because no matter what I tell you about a job, you need to make your own decision.

I could tell you that we have late night parties at McDonald’s. We actually eat the left over food before closing.

No disrespect to my fast-food workers because I enjoy me a Mc Rib sandwich.

However, what I do know is that some people are struggling to gain employment in this economy. The amount of people applying for the same job can be ridiculous.

If you apply for any job you can expect there to be some competition.

Get ready to send your job resume to the moon. (maybe not that high)

I recently read an article on by Josh Tolan. The name of the article is “How to Think Outside of the box When Finding a Job”.

Because my motto is “helping you get hired”; I had to read this article.

I wanted to know what ideas Josh had for thinking outside of the box.

I mean it all has been done, right. What could make you stand out in a crowded field.

I was already skeptical before I read the first paragraph. However, I remembered the people who could possibly benefit from fresh ideas.

Infographic resumes

Josh explains infographic resumes could take your job search to a higher level.

Josh list video and idea map resumes as viable alternatives.

Video resumes are another way to get in front of potential employers, however this one may make some people more nervous.

  • Idea Map Resume is similar to an infographic. The difference is it is more focused on one particular position.
  • I looked at Idea Map Resumes and it seemed too difficult for me, so I will not try to explain it here, however infographic resumes intrigued me.
  • I was like infographics. Infographics are eye pleasing trends that have never really caught on yet.
  • I put aside my biases and I decided to do a search on the Ebay of pictures, Pinterest.
  • I was astounded by what I found.
  • I found a community of individuals not only sharing the graphics, but making good examples of how it is done.

Here is one great example:

When I saw this I was like wow. I had to do more research now because I have never seen an impressive display of design like this.

Not only is it astonishing. It is an efficient way to display your credentials.

An employer does not have to guess. They can read it fast.

  • It is categorized. It shows your creativity.
  • You gain points just by making the effort.
  • It is a power-point demonstration on one page.
  • I kept on researching this new resume format.
  • I found an article written by Erica Swallow on with 5.5k shares.

Erica titled her article, “4 Simple Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume”.

Then I realized Josh was onto something.

If this is nothing new to some of you; I apologize for sounding ecstatic.

However, for those of you who are not aware of this resume technique keep reading because I am going to tell you how to make your own.

Confirmation of this technology

Erica explains how infographic resumes are cutting-edge, but she also gives us some resources to create our own. is an app that uses your LinkedIn profile information for a web-based infographic.

After creating an account, a user can edit his or her profile summary, work experience, education, links, skills, interests, languages, stats, recommendations and awards.

A stunning infographic is created based on your LinkedIn details.

You are given an opportunity to edit your details to suit the position.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

This method is not for everyone nor is it for every job. However, it is a good alternative to the boring old paper resumes.

Most employers either discard your resume immediately or the resume never even makes it to their desk.

  • The goal of a resume is to be read, right.
  • It would be hard to discard a beautiful graphical presentation such as an infographic resume.
  • If you decide to make one, please share it with me.
  • I think these resumes are only limited to your imagination.
  • If you are not very creative have a friend do one for you.

Good luck and happy job hunting.


Alcohol Drug Relapse Recovery

When traditional methods are used to treat alcohol and drug addiction, the only indicator of success, for both the addict and the program is whether or not the addict has a relapse.

If someone who has used alcohol, and in recovery, goes on a week-long bender, chances are that they will feel a failure, that they have lost control. With an all or nothing approach to alcohol addiction, a relapse means total failure.

When drug addicts are placed on substitute drugs by traditional rehab methods, a return to illicit drug use is likewise considered a failure.

In any kind of detox and rehabilitation program there will always be a percentage of people who start the program and then relapse into their old habits and ways. No program can guarantee success because it only provides the guidelines and support – the addict does the rest. There are many risks and hazards to full recovery faced by the addict who wants to quit drugs or alcohol. Good holistic detox and rehab methods have a 70% success rate or better – particularly for those who choose to enter residential holistic rehab.

One situation in which relapse might occur is when substitute drugs are used which simply don’t satisfy the continuing need of an addict to deal with anxiety or depression. When rehabilitation treatments don’t deal with the emotional roots of addiction, and in fact tell addicts that they have an incurable disease – there are bound to be times when emotional stress will make the addict want to use. If substitute drugs are not powerful enough, but have maintained the addictive mind set then relapse is likely to occur.

When stopping alcohol or illicit drug use is the only aim of a detox and rehab program the addict is not in the positive mood of a person on a journey to recovery. Their outlook on life and terms of reference are totally depressed by a belief that their condition is incurable and one that they will have to battle with for the rest of their life. When someone who has these beliefs falls off the wagon and relapses – they have the stigma of failure and will feel that they are simply back to square one.

With holistic methods and treatments for alcohol and drug abuse, right from the detox stage, the addict finds a new freedom in life. All drugs are removed from the body – a person can feel really “clean”. With no drugs of any kind lurking around in the system, the addict is less likely to want to contaminate himself again no matter how stressed he feels.. Using holistic methods of detox which are 100% drug free help to prevent relapse by getting the addict physically free of all drugs and medications.

Holistic methods of alcohol and drug detox and rehab also work from the basis that once emotional healing occurs, a person will no longer have dependence or addiction, they simply won’t need or want to use. Emotional healing takes time. However, with each and every day, the addict who is receiving holistic care will feel that they are advancing towards full recovery. The more progress that has been made with emotional healing the less likelihood of relapse. With traditional methods the addict faces the same risk of relapse each and every day.

With the strength of purpose that holistic recovery brings – an addict is less likely to want to use, and more likely to reach out for more counseling and support than choose to use drugs again.

Share and Spread Drug Addiction Help.


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