Minecraft Seasons New Addon


Since the inclusion of weather conditions have been asking for Minecrafters stations will be added. Some time ago, modder Nandonalt accepted the challenge and gave the Ministry of Defence Seasons surprising, however after having left the modding scene, there was no one to update it. Fear not, for modder Trak and RAWRMaD tester has all covered. It updates the mod to version 1.1 and in addition to it, there’s alts.rip that Minecraft players can also try. Let’s look at all the cool features, season by season.


Summer is the most “normal” for all seasons. While there is no snow and no leaves change colors, desert biomes become much more dangerous. Since it is much hotter everywhere, deserts become unbearable, and you take periodic damage when you’re in the desert sun. Do not worry, once you get the shade that will be fine, but dangerous nonetheless. 

In addition to the increasingly deadly deserts, all the rainstorms are destroying the grass, which serves as an easy way to remove all the grass of spring. Wheat also grows 50% faster and the nights are shorter as the days are longer. Fall People love the fall colors, so many packages are Autumn colors texture everything, but this mod leads to another level with his change of leaf color. 

What changes are the color gradient of the leaves and grass (so it is fully compatible with any texture pack) and some textures of flowers create an atmosphere of incredible fall? There are also more drops of wheat, which, combined with the fast-growing wheat in the summer makes for very efficient agriculture. Winter

The winter season is going to change their world, the majority. It will be snowing everywhere all the time except in desert biomes. The lakes are frozen, your lawn will be covered by snow, and you’ll love it. It is all very well, though: because it is much colder, it can freeze and take damage if not wearing leather armor. 

The nights are longer and shorter days, as opposed to summer. I think it would be great if there could be an effect of breathing steam particles were to show when you’re outside in the winter, but I guess it is expecting more than one mod already complicated.