Invest Smarter – 8 Tips To Guide You With Your First Cryptocurrency Investment


With the cryptocurrency market’s rapid growth, it’s no surprise that more and more people are becoming interested in investing. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and so on, there are myriad of different coins to choose from. But when you take your first steps into the world of crypto investments, things can quickly become overwhelming. That is why today we will be taking a look at 8 tips which can help guide you through your very first cryptocurrency investment.

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1) Do Your Homework:

Before investing in any cryptocurrency you must do some research on its background, performance and potential profitability. Take time to learn about the team behind it, their roadmap and read reviews about others who have already invested in it or used the product/service they offer. This way you can understand what kind of impact this coin could have on your portfolio in the future.

2) Set Realistic Expectations:

It is important not to get too caught up with stories online touting “overnight success” as these often come with huge risks attached. When investing in any cryptocurrency for the long-term, remember that slow but steady wins the race – don’t expect overnight riches! Set realistic expectations based on market trends and only invest funds which you can afford to lose if needed.

3) Invest In A Diversified Portfolio:

Investing solely in one asset class such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is risky business; diversifying your portfolio across multiple coins minimizes risk and maximizes returns over time by spreading out gains (and losses). Create a diverse portfolio by investing smaller amounts into various cryptocurrencies rather than putting all eggs into one basket – this reduces volatility while increasing exposure to potential profits.

4) Stay Up To Date On News & Regulations:

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile; keeping track of regulatory changes or industry news related to certain coins can drastically affect their price movements either positively or negatively depending upon changes announced. Make sure you subscribe to newsletters or follow social media accounts related specifically to the space of cryptocurrencies – this will ensure that no major updates slip past unnoticed!

5) Develop A Trading Strategy:

Without a good plan it becomes easy for emotions such as fear or greed dictate how much money should be spent on buying/selling assets – this approach rarely works out well in financial markets! Before making any moves develop a strategy outlining when/where trades should occur such as purchase limits set ahead of time based off technical analysis data etc., trading blindly has been known cause huge losses instead of profits!

6) Keep Records Of Your Trades:

Every trade made should be logged somewhere so that records can be properly tracked from start to finish; this helps to better analyse overall performance & identify areas for improvement, which can also provide insight into better future strategies when trading cryptos again down the line. Having documented evidence also serves a useful purpose for tax purposes, as profits need to be reported accordingly under the current IRS regulations that apply to them now, with the recent change in law implemented just last year in 2018.

7) Start small and build up slowly:

It’s not advisable to invest large sums in new markets as inexperience often leads to big losses, regardless of the trader’s skill level… Instead of starting small building way up slowly low-risk buy orders allow familiarise oneself with environment conditions play out before moving to larger positions later down the road once educated enough to understand the dynamics involved, the game plan setup accordingly… Always keep in mind never bet money cannot tolerate losing every situation that arises, prompting consideration exit strategy implementable timely manner to protect capital best extent possible given the circumstances present moment occurring then…

8) Use reliable platforms:

The most reliable platforms available to use when trading include those regulated exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Coinmama, Gemini, etcetera offering safe, secure transactions and guaranteed peace of mind traders seek out these services to guarantee security funds much greater degree compared to non-compliant unregulated sites operating internet today. Utilizing Robot Bulls alongside the platform gives detailed information pertaining to every single coin being bought sold allowing investors to make smarter decisions process guaranteeing maximum profit potential achieved without spending hours researching individually …

In conclusion, these are eight tips that can help guide anyone through their first cryptocurrency investment journey. The key takeaway here is that patience, research, planning, tracking progress and using reliable sources are all essential components required for a successful trading experience. So go ahead, start smart & explore the world of digital assets with Robot Bulls