Inverness Isle Autumn Hickory Wood Flooring 5

Home Improvement

If you want to add beauty and value to your home, opt for hardwood flooring. This would be a great investment you can do in your house. The market is flooded with various selections of wood types, designs, patterns and brands. You can opt for a cheap hardwood flooring, but just make sure it is of great quality.

Below are the steps to do when cleaning your hardwood flooring.

An addition to the inverness series, black isle Hickory combines subtle embossing, scraping, multiple stain layers, and a fine drybrush print to create a one of a kind product.


Hardwood floor offers great versatility; although your style of furniture and décor may change over time, many hardwood floors will go with almost everything. Not only will hardwood floor go with your décor, but they come with a wide range of finishes and colors to choose from. This means that anyone can get a color of their choice in hardwood flooring.

Enhance the Look of Your Home

Hardwood floors add more elegance and warmth to your home. In fact, many people feel that these floors make your space look bigger. They also make your floor inviting.

Strong and Durable

Yes, they can get dented and scratched, but it takes a lot to do that. Even when the surface is dented, damaged, scratched, or scuffed, all it takes to remove the scratch is to do a spot cleaning. They can last for several decades.

Better Air Quality

Because hardwood floors do not trap animal dander, dust, pollen, or other allergens, they increase air quality in your home. In fact, they are the best option for allergy sufferers.

Increase Acoustics

Hardwood floors improve the acoustics in a room. They also reduce vibrations and hollow sounds that sometimes occur with other floors. This is the major reasons many music halls, dance studios, and many business install wood flooring over other types of flooring.