Infographic Resumes Improve Job Search


I realise corrections is not for everyone. Corrections can be a high stress situation, but the rewards of helping others while protecting the public is a reason to consider this career.

However, some people have other interests. That is normal, because no matter what I tell you about a job, you need to make your own decision.

I could tell you that we have late night parties at McDonald’s. We actually eat the left over food before closing.

No disrespect to my fast-food workers because I enjoy me a Mc Rib sandwich.

However, what I do know is that some people are struggling to gain employment in this economy. The amount of people applying for the same job can be ridiculous.

If you apply for any job you can expect there to be some competition.

Get ready to send your job resume to the moon. (maybe not that high)

I recently read an article on by Josh Tolan. The name of the article is “How to Think Outside of the box When Finding a Job”.

Because my motto is “helping you get hired”; I had to read this article.

I wanted to know what ideas Josh had for thinking outside of the box.

I mean it all has been done, right. What could make you stand out in a crowded field.

I was already skeptical before I read the first paragraph. However, I remembered the people who could possibly benefit from fresh ideas.

Infographic resumes

Josh explains infographic resumes could take your job search to a higher level.

Josh list video and idea map resumes as viable alternatives.

Video resumes are another way to get in front of potential employers, however this one may make some people more nervous.

  • Idea Map Resume is similar to an infographic. The difference is it is more focused on one particular position.
  • I looked at Idea Map Resumes and it seemed too difficult for me, so I will not try to explain it here, however infographic resumes intrigued me.
  • I was like infographics. Infographics are eye pleasing trends that have never really caught on yet.
  • I put aside my biases and I decided to do a search on the Ebay of pictures, Pinterest.
  • I was astounded by what I found.
  • I found a community of individuals not only sharing the graphics, but making good examples of how it is done.

Here is one great example:

When I saw this I was like wow. I had to do more research now because I have never seen an impressive display of design like this.

Not only is it astonishing. It is an efficient way to display your credentials.

An employer does not have to guess. They can read it fast.

  • It is categorized. It shows your creativity.
  • You gain points just by making the effort.
  • It is a power-point demonstration on one page.
  • I kept on researching this new resume format.
  • I found an article written by Erica Swallow on with 5.5k shares.

Erica titled her article, “4 Simple Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume”.

Then I realized Josh was onto something.

If this is nothing new to some of you; I apologize for sounding ecstatic.

However, for those of you who are not aware of this resume technique keep reading because I am going to tell you how to make your own.

Confirmation of this technology

Erica explains how infographic resumes are cutting-edge, but she also gives us some resources to create our own. is an app that uses your LinkedIn profile information for a web-based infographic.

After creating an account, a user can edit his or her profile summary, work experience, education, links, skills, interests, languages, stats, recommendations and awards.

A stunning infographic is created based on your LinkedIn details.

You are given an opportunity to edit your details to suit the position.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

This method is not for everyone nor is it for every job. However, it is a good alternative to the boring old paper resumes.

Most employers either discard your resume immediately or the resume never even makes it to their desk.

  • The goal of a resume is to be read, right.
  • It would be hard to discard a beautiful graphical presentation such as an infographic resume.
  • If you decide to make one, please share it with me.
  • I think these resumes are only limited to your imagination.
  • If you are not very creative have a friend do one for you.

Good luck and happy job hunting.