Hemp vs. Marijuana:  Let’s Find Out The Difference?

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Hemp and marijuana are being used by people interchangeably. But is it right? Are they the same or different? If you are looking for the differences between them, then you have arrived at the right place. Marijuana and hemp are words that we use in some capacity. You must have heard that quite many times in the discussions. But in terms of legalization, debates are going on about the legality of marijuana due to its medicinal and other beneficial effects on you. But why not hems? Have you ever given thought to this?

Hemp is classified as a variety of Cannabis sativa. They usually contain less than 0.4% of THC. At the same time, marijuana refers to a distinctive classification of cannabis indica or Cannabis Sativa plants. Marijuana plants contain more than 0.4% THC. Both hemp and marijuana are used for smoking by smokers. In the case of smoking, prefer the best cbd flower companies. Hemp has several strains with low THC content, whereas marijuana has a few strain types with high THC content. In order to know more about the differences in detail, let’s look below and consider reading carefully about each.

What is hemp?

As we discussed earlier, the federal government uses the word “hemp” in order to refer to the wide range of cannabis Sativa plant species. These usually contain THC compounds of less than 0.4% in the case of dry weight. THC is a compound with psychoactive effects and intoxicating properties that result in creating physiological effects like marijuana.

  • According to researchers, our body has naturally present cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are usually available in your brain. They are usually found in the areas of the brain that are in charge of memory, pleasure, thinking, coordination, and time perception.
  • Hemp includes a deficient composition of THC and cbd. As a result, you will not experience as many psychoactive effects as you would from consuming marijuana. For the consumption of hemp, you need to consider the best cbd flower companies. Hemp is harvested for food, supplements, and other products such as clothing, insulation, and ropes, instead of psychological effects.

What exactly is marijuana?

You may now have a basic understanding of hemp, and we will now discuss marijuana. Marijuana is usually referred to as the classification of cannabis strains like cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. It is also referred to as the classification of various cannabis plants with more than 0.4% THC composition.

  • Due to the high presence of the THC compound, you may experience psychoactive effects from the consumption of marijuana, which is why most people consider choosing marijuana for smoking to get pleasure and a positive experience, as hemp does not offer you such an experience.
  • Marijuana may also contain the presence of THC in amounts greater than 30%. Due to the high percentage of the compound’s presence in marijuana, it makes it potent and also intoxicating the user. 
  • Individuals mainly consume it through smoking cigarettes, which are also called joints. However, you can also smoke it through several types of smoking equipment, like special smoking pipes, usually known as bongs.
  • If you are not a smoker, you can consider consuming marijuana by mixing it with food. Marijuana that has been prepared for consumption is referred to as edibles. If you are a smoker, you must try out buying marijuana products from the best cbd flower companies.

Differences between marijuana and hemp

You may be aware of the distinction between hemp and marijuana, but to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of points to consider.


Hemp does not consist of the exact composition of THC as marijuana does. Hemp has a lower percentage of the compounds than marijuana. As a result, hemp does not give you high psychoactive effects like marijuana does.


Hemp is being used to produce goods and products at present, such as clothing, ropes, fibers, etc. Marijuana, on the other hand, is used in a restricted manner due to the high concentration of THC compounds. Mostly, marijuana is allowed to be used for medicinal purposes, and these days in some countries, it is allowed to be used for recreational purposes.