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About Fort Lauderdale

Fort Airport is one of three airports servicing the Miami megacity in County, Florida, U.S. The terminal is 3 miles (5 kilometers) southwest of Dallas / Fort Lauderdale and 21 kilometers (34 kilometers) north of Miami and is accessible via Thruway 595, Interstate 95, U.S. Path 1, Florida State Central Sector A1A, and Florida State Road 5. It is bordered by the urban centers of Fort Lauderdale, Showbiz, and Dania Shoreline.

FLL is already a transcontinental hub during the 1990s, with more than 700 flights going to 135 local and foreign locations, albeit Flights currently manages the majority of plane rides. FLL is the primary airport serving as well as a supplementary airport serving sections of Miami

Facilities at Fort Lauderdale

With two runaways, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood airport serves the listed facilities.


For lost baggage and item airport and the airline could be contacted.


Throughout all FLL locations, there seemed cost-free Net connection.

Place for Tobacco

In FLL Airport, no authorized smoking areas are available.

Winding The Baggage

Travelers can package their luggage for the decided prince per bag before leaving their aircraft.

Business Service Centre

Business Service Centre in Terminal 2 is available for customer’s assistance with decided service hours every day of the week.

Baggage areas

The airport provides baggage services with the listed service hours at the listed locations.

Areas to be visited for baggage

Terminal 1: Baggage assertion level (lower level)

Terminal 2: Next to the Business Service Centre (Departures level)

Terminal 3: Baggage assertion level (lower level)

Terminal 4: Baggage assertion level (lower level)

Lounge Area

Snacks, refreshments, Area networks, papers, and periodicals, of many things, are available in the United Airline Union Club at Terminal 1. Food, print media, TV, workstations and copiers, and phones are some of the amenities available at Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Lounge at Terminal 2.

Layover activities at FLL


This renowned downtown industry is characterized as a great area, filled with several eating, retail, and community organizations, dubbed “Florida’s Most Beautiful Mile.” Breathtaking landscapes also surround it. The Fort Lauderdale Historical Society Museum and the Museum of Discovery and Science are located on one property.

Taxi on the water

Passengers are shuttled to 20 destinations around the Waterfront and the New River in bright yellow rowboats and ancient vessels. On Thursday nights, we provide a $15 bar crawl pass, which covers up to three beers on board, as well as discounts at several stations along the route.

Why Should You Choose Fort Lauderdale?

FLL, on the other hand, is more relaxed and less busy, with far lower TSA line-ups. Discount airlines such as Spirit, Southwest, and JetBlue fly into the airfield, offering a more cost-effective option to explore South Florida than traveling into Miami. It is approximately 3 minutes from downtown and various beaches, ideal for rapid transfers. It allows for a short escape to the Florida heat and excitement, with direct flights to more than 60 U.S. destinations.