Aquarius Horoscopes Reveal The Characteristics And Personality Of Aquarians

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The Personality of an Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the most interesting and unusual signs. At times they may seem a bit odd, but as you get to know them, most people find them to be amazing and intriguing individuals. Aquarius horoscopes are for people who are born between January 21 and February 19. The symbol of an Aquarius is the water-bearer. Aquarians are interesting, yet complex individuals and they have a vast array of likes and interests. Aquarians are typically very much ahead of their time and feel as though talking to others is a boring and uninteresting process, because they often feel out of place with the rest of society. It’s not so much that they find others boring, it is only that an Aquarius rarely engages in menial conversations, so to maintain their interest, the conversation must one that holds their interest.

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Aquarius Characteristics

When reading Aquarius horoscopes it may seem as though the characteristics are pertaining to two different types of people, but there are two sides to an Aquarius. One side of the Aquarius is shy and quiet, while the other side of the Aquarius is eccentric, energetic and boisterous. Their personality is one that easily gains respect, because they tend to see all sides of an argument and they have a strong ability to solve problems. Aquarians are deep thinkers who combine intuition with logic. Aquarius horoscopes typically reveal the independent side of an Aquarius, by often referring to their need to find time alone for rejuvenation. Aquarius people love their freedom, are extremely imaginative, have a true love of helping others and view the world as an oasis of opportunity. An Aquarian is intelligent, as well as logical and an extremely hard worker, so much so that they often risk their health due to extra work

Aquarius Likes and Dislikes

Aquarius horoscopes typically talk about spending the day helping out with a good cause or doing something creative. Aquarians are always ready to help others, fight for a good cause and have fun with friends. They are good listeners and can have an intellectual conversation with the best of the best, however, an Aquarius does not like situations that are boring, nor do they have the patience for people who disagree with them. An Aquarius is loyal and they do not like limitations or broken promises. Aquarians are always on the lookout for something new to try, whether it is a new food or a new relationship.

Aquarius Compatibility

There is never a dull moment when reading Aquarius horoscopes, especially when it comes to their compatibility. Aquarians are creative and they enjoy surprising their partner, so if entering a relationship with an Aquarius be prepared for new adventures and trying new things. Aquarius people are independent and strong-willed, so having a relationship with an Aquarius means never trying to control them, or they will walk away. Due to their free-spirit attitude, an Aquarius is not compatible with other signs that are jealous or possessive. Aquarians are very devoted when they find the right partner, but the best partner for an Aquarius is someone who understands and is not threatened by their independence.