An Overview On The Types Of Printed T-Shirts

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What are printed t-shirts?

A printed or graphic T-shirt is a T-shirt with a design, photo, or lettering. Printing on t-shirts gets done by printing. There are several types of printed T-shirts.

Some types of printed t-shirts

  • Concert T-shirts

Concert T-shirts are T-shirts related to concerts or concert tours, usually rock or metal. Bands and music groups usually promote by creating, selling, or distributing T-shirts at shows, trips, and events. Concert T-shirts customarily include the musician’s name, logo, or screen-printed graphic of the photo. The conventional print on the back of the T-shirt is a list of information about the band’s current tour, including tour towns (and possibly venues) and dates.

  • Tourist t-shirts

Tourist T-shirts (or souvenir T-shirts) are T-shirts related to travel and vacation. Tourist T-shirt designs are customarily printed with images or words directly linked to a particular city, country, or culture. T-shirts push or display something about where a person has been.

  • A course t-shirts

A course T-shirt is a printed T-shirt with an army badge printed to remind you of attending or completing the course. Printed shirts with unity badges are at least from World War II.

  • Art t-shirts

Some contemporary artists use T-shirts as a canvas for their work. Art T-shirts can also get mass-produced using screen printing.

  • Merchandise t-shirts

Product T-shirts are shirts that are associated with one or more brands. Well-known bands, musicians, sports teams, and TV characters often get printed on clothing retail T-shirts for additional revenue. Brand and trademark owners may also license T-shirts with their brand or trademark to distributors for retail purposes.

Types of printing techniques

  • Screen printing

Screen printing is the most prevalent and widely practiced printing method for beautiful T-shirts, especially when printing in large quantities. It uses a sieve to ink the T-shirt. The resulting artwork is of very high essence and can last a long time. It is also very cheap to employ effectively.

  • Inkjet/laser 

Heat transfer is almost as widespread as screen printing, especially in designs with many colors and intricate details. It is ideal for printing digital photos. In this way, you can get a beautiful custom-created graphic T-shirt.

  • Direct to garment printing

It is the best T-shirt printing method for printing small quantities of bright color designs such as five or fewer T-shirts. This method is beneficial for on-demand printing (one-time printing of T-shirts or small lots) and printing photos directly from your computer to your T-shirt. A DTG machine gets required for this printing. It gets mainly used for cotton-blended T-shirts. The DTG printer prints immediately on T-shirts with high precision and color precision.

  • Dye Sublimation printing

This printing gets done on white polyester T-shirts. It works best with artificial fabrics. It also works with 50% polyester blend T-shirts and pre-treated fabrics but with varying levels of success.

  • Discharge printing

It is another way to print on a T-shirt. Instead of coloring the shirt, this process bleaches the shirt with ink that removes the color of the shirt. It leaves a mark on the surface.

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