Alcohol Drug Relapse Recovery


When traditional methods are used to treat alcohol and drug addiction, the only indicator of success, for both the addict and the program is whether or not the addict has a relapse.

If someone who has used alcohol, and in recovery, goes on a week-long bender, chances are that they will feel a failure, that they have lost control. With an all or nothing approach to alcohol addiction, a relapse means total failure.

When drug addicts are placed on substitute drugs by traditional rehab methods, a return to illicit drug use is likewise considered a failure.

In any kind of detox and rehabilitation program there will always be a percentage of people who start the program and then relapse into their old habits and ways. No program can guarantee success because it only provides the guidelines and support – the addict does the rest. There are many risks and hazards to full recovery faced by the addict who wants to quit drugs or alcohol. Good holistic detox and rehab methods have a 70% success rate or better – particularly for those who choose to enter residential holistic rehab.

One situation in which relapse might occur is when substitute drugs are used which simply don’t satisfy the continuing need of an addict to deal with anxiety or depression. When rehabilitation treatments don’t deal with the emotional roots of addiction, and in fact tell addicts that they have an incurable disease – there are bound to be times when emotional stress will make the addict want to use. If substitute drugs are not powerful enough, but have maintained the addictive mind set then relapse is likely to occur.

When stopping alcohol or illicit drug use is the only aim of a detox and rehab program the addict is not in the positive mood of a person on a journey to recovery. Their outlook on life and terms of reference are totally depressed by a belief that their condition is incurable and one that they will have to battle with for the rest of their life. When someone who has these beliefs falls off the wagon and relapses – they have the stigma of failure and will feel that they are simply back to square one.

With holistic methods and treatments for alcohol and drug abuse, right from the detox stage, the addict finds a new freedom in life. All drugs are removed from the body – a person can feel really “clean”. With no drugs of any kind lurking around in the system, the addict is less likely to want to contaminate himself again no matter how stressed he feels.. Using holistic methods of detox which are 100% drug free help to prevent relapse by getting the addict physically free of all drugs and medications.

Holistic methods of alcohol and drug detox and rehab also work from the basis that once emotional healing occurs, a person will no longer have dependence or addiction, they simply won’t need or want to use. Emotional healing takes time. However, with each and every day, the addict who is receiving holistic care will feel that they are advancing towards full recovery. The more progress that has been made with emotional healing the less likelihood of relapse. With traditional methods the addict faces the same risk of relapse each and every day.

With the strength of purpose that holistic recovery brings – an addict is less likely to want to use, and more likely to reach out for more counseling and support than choose to use drugs again.

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