Abdominal Fat Loss After Pregnancy

Weight Loss

Kalen had an average body with a few pounds she’d like to lose when she became pregnant. She knew the average woman gained 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, but she figured it’d all drop right off after the baby was born. After her daughter, Sarah, was born, she suddenly found herself with 32 stubborn pounds. Abdominal fat loss was seemingly impossible. She tried Richard Simmons, electric muscle stimulator belts and a low carb diet. Two years later, she had her second child, Ryan, and found herself in the same position — desperately pining for abdominal fat loss. She gained water weight and lost water weight, but $23,000 in diet and exercise fads later, she still had 60 pounds to lose.

There are many myths about abdominal fat loss

When developing the Fat Burning Furnace program with her husband, Kalen looked to dispel many of the abdominal fat loss myths she had fallen prey to. For instance, you can’t lose belly fat by doing crunches or aerobics. You can’t starve yourself if you’re feeling hungry before bed because you’re afraid of packing on the pounds in your sleep. The “Fat Burning Zone” on cardio machines is the last thing that will help with abdominal fat loss. Lastly, she discovered that “toning” your muscles with light weights and high repetitions is a huge waste of time. People also fear that using the Supplements that help you burn fat is dangerous and not safe. But the fact is that these supplements are like a fat burner, all are well researched and tested supplements. Risk factor comes when you doe not knows the way of using them and overdose them It can be a problem if overusing such supplements.

Heavy weights, small reps helps with abdominal fat loss

This is one shocking truth Kalen learned over the years. She took classes, did the crunches and tried the treadmill, but didn’t see real abdominal fat loss until she began pushing her body to the max in the weight room, with rest periods of 60 seconds or less between reps. By adding lean muscle, you’ll transform your body into “a fat burning machine,” she says. Using a home gym, subscribers to the Fat Burning Furnace abdominal fat loss system will concentrate on intensity, volume, frequency and progression by doing squats, bent-over rows, dips, shoulder shrugs, bent arm flies, tricep pulls and overhead presses. These exercises are recommended two to three times a week, giving the body time to recover.

Abdominal fat loss does not deprive the body of everything it wants

The Fat Burning Furnace program has over 50 pages dedicated to planning your meals and understanding which foods help most with abdominal fat loss. You’ll receive a recommended meal guide, recipes, quick snack ideas, in addition to a helpful guide to incorporating treats and alcohol into your life. A sample breakfast might include a high fiber cereal, a cup of skim milk and a mini cucumber. An abdominal fat loss Lunch may consist of a BBQ chicken breast on a toasted whole grain bun with green beans, tomatoes and lettuce on the side. Snacks and healthy dinners are also included in Kalen and Rob Poulos’ helpful abdominal fat loss e-book.

When you order the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate abdominal fat loss solution, you’ll receive “The Fat Burning Blueprint” guide to working out and eating, a full year of personal email coaching, a year of product updates on items that really help, the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Success Toolkit (with workout charts, progress trackers, metabolic rate calculators and body fat percentage analyzers). You receive all this, with a 60-day money-back guarantee, for $39.97. Normally this abdominal fat loss package is sold for $69.97, but for a limited time only, you receive additional email coaching and the toolkit free of charge. This product is similar to other effective abdominal fat loss solutions you may have heard of, such as Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs program.