5 Simple Steps That Beginners At Shaving Must Consider Following

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During the teen years, boys start to experience the growth of hair on various body parts. Some boys notice their facial hair growth at the age of nine, which is quite early. The growth of hair differs from person to person. In the case of facial hair, you will surely notice its growth in your teenage years. Typically, between the ages of 12 and 17, you will notice hair growth on your face, legs, or other parts of your body. If we talk about stats, more than 60% of boys begin their shaving journey between 14-18.

Shaving needs you to be careful, and at first, you may feel afraid of getting a cut from the shaving blade. But nowadays, there are several tools available to help you safely shave. One of the safest devices for beginners is the electric trimmer. These trimmers are present on online purchasing platforms if you are yet to start your shaving journey or want to move ahead with a trimmer for shaving. However, you can use trimmers to cut the hairs on several body parts without fear of facing cuts to the skin. Using the right shaving tool can also protect you from experiencing ingrown hairs after shaving.

When is the right time for shaving?

When you begin growing hairs in multiple locations, you will automatically know when to shave and remove them. However, some boys wait for the hairs to get fluffy so that on shaving, their hairs get thicker on using the shaving device.

If you are a beginner or shaving for the first time, you must consider using the trimmer. It is among the few tools that offer you a safe shaving experience. You do not risk getting cuts on your face or any other part after using the trimmer.

Steps for shaving are:

Consider following these below-mentioned steps if you shave your facial body hair or hair on any other body part.

  • Wash your face-

Washing your face will result in wetting the facial hair. However, after hydrating the hairs, they get much softer, and it will ease your shaving too.

  • Make the skin-

If you opt for a straight razor, you will need to use shaving gel or foam for a smooth shaving experience. Using the foam will make your facial hair smooth and offer you a smooth shaving experience.

  • Get a haircut-

Now is the time to use your razor to remove all the facial hairs and get clear skin. In the case of the trimmer, you can directly use the trimmer without using the foaming gel.

  • Rinse your face-

Once you are done with shaving and removing all the hairs on your face, consider rinsing your face. It will let you know where you left off shaving. 

To ensure you do not experience ingrown hairs after shaving, you may consider getting laser treatment for facial hair removal. It is an excellent and permanent method of not experiencing hair growth again.