4 Tips That Will Help To Solve The Problem Of Nutrients Deficiency In Marijuana Plants 

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Marijuana or commonly called weed, is grown all over the world. In some of the countries, the production of weed is enormous as they have grown it in huge fields. These days the trend of growing weed plants at your home is there, and so many people have grown a plant of cannabis. This is because of their personal reasons as some of them have been recommended by the doctors, and some people grow it for fun. These plants need to be taken care of as if you will skip any of the steps of growing a cannabis plant or make any mistake; then you will not get the expected results from it.

Cannabis plants also face the issue of deficiency in the nutrients present in them due to some reasons as found in the Sandiegomagazine. But, there are some tips that can save the plant from facing deficiency, and you have to follow those tips. You can use compost while planting the seedling as an additive as it is helpful in fulfilling the need for nutrients in the plant. Cal-mag is another term that can be used to deal with the deficiencies present in the cannabis plant. Let’s discuss these tips carefully.

  • Compost Tea

This is one of the most commonly available additives for fulfilling the need for nutrients in the cannabis plant. You can add this to the soil as an additive to correct the nutrient deficiency present in the soil. It includes a number of beneficial micronutrients and microbes, which are helpful in improving the immune system of the cannabis plant. 

  • Cal-Mag

The term cal-mag already gives a hint that how it is able to deal with the nutrient deficiencies in the cannabis plant. It is helpful in imparting the calcium and magnesium present in the cannabis plant, which is important nutrients. Cal-mag is beneficial for those plants which have weakened stems and branches as it solves the problem of deficiency in them.

  • Lime 

Lime is a good conductor of calcium and magnesium, and that is why it is used to deal with the efficiency of both the nutrients in the cannabis plant. It increases the alkalinity of the soil in which the cannabis plant is placed when it is too acidic. If you are using any kind of fertilizer, then you should not use lime as both of them counteract each other.

  • Urea

Urea has a good amount of nitrogen in it, and it is useful in removing the deficiencies of nitrogen in the cannabis plant. Urea is readily available in the market, and you will also get the directions for using it along with it. Urea releases ammonium compounds to the soil and enhances its performance of the soil.

Summing up 

Deficiency in the nutrients of the cannabis plant can be so much harmful to the yield of the plant. Plus, it also affects the functioning of the plants, and the plant can be remained undeveloped due to this. Some of the tips for dealing with the deficiencies have been discussed above; go through them.