10 Quirky Things Our Dogs Do

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 The infamous butt scoot! I know many dog owners that can attest to this behavior that still makes me laugh when I watch my dogs do this. It’s especially funny when I see my little 2 pound Yorkie scoot her teeny tiny butt across the floor. I know..its kind of gross, but I can’t stop but laugh when I see them do their little booty scoot. Some people probably hate when their dogs do this because they leave a little trail behind, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, this is just a natural behavior of dogs, so don’t get mad at them for ruining your carpet. When a dogs anal sacs get full of fluid and other gross bacteria, they scoot their butts on the floor to relieve this uncomfortable feeling of a full anal sac. You can remedy this by having a professional groomer express their anal glands on a regular basis.

The Bichon Blitz! This is a breed specific trait that I see in a lot of Bichon Frise breeds. At least once a day, my Bichon, Muffin, goes on this crazy run around the house at full speed while grunting. It looks like a big white whirlwind just went through our house, as papers, floor mats, and any other object that gets in her way goes flying through the air as she does her crazy run. There’s also a specific pattern that she usually follows. She will run down the hallway, and dart into each room a few times and then run around the living room in figure 8. She usually does this when I get home from work. I think she does it out of excitement, but either way, its pretty entertaining to watch.

The Feed Me Frenzy! Every time I start walking towards my dogs’ food bowls, they start to do this funny Feed Me dance. It’s sort of like a ritualistic dance that they feel needs to be done in order to be fed. I dont even need to have food in my hands. They instinctively know that its mealtime, and thats when the dance begins. It usually consists of some quick back and forth head motion, while their feet pitter-patter around at a rapid pace. Quite a funny dance indeed. It is very important to amke sure your dog’s joints are strong enough to make their mobility good., As the dog gets old, the joint starts becoming weak. So this can be made string with the help of giving them tablets that re nutramax Cosequin for dogs. These tablets are highly helpful for making the joints strong and keeping the dog fit and capable of running and doing exercises.

Butt Sniffing. If youve ever taken your dog to the dog park, I’m sure you’ve witnessed this strange method of greeting fellow dogs. I suppose they cant really shake paws like how we shake hands. But I always think it would be so funny if humans sniffed each others behinds as a way of greeting one another!

Sniffing Underwear. This one is really strange, but I suppose its kind of related to #4. My dogs love to pull out my boxers from the clothes hamper and sniff them. Sometimes they will even jump into my dirty hamper and take a nap in my dirty clothes! I guess they just can’t get enough of me.

Keeping a Strict Schedule. One of my dogs has to keep a very strict schedule on her daily routine or else she lets us know with a tiny growl. Its pretty crazy how some of our dogs have routines down to a T. Here is Munchkin’s morning schedule. Every morning, Munchkin will force herself under my sheets to crawl onto my chest for maybe 20 minutes. Next, she climbs on my shoulder and stares at me until I wake up. When I finally wake up from her whiskers rubbing my face, I’ll take her to outside to go potty. Then, I’ll put her on the bed and she runs towards my Fiance. Next, she’ll make little growling noises until Teresa lifts up the sheets for Munchkin to climb in. Then she sleeps for another couple hours. She does the same thing every single day without skipping a beat. Kind of reminds me of the movie, Groundhog Day.

Chasing Their Own Tails. This is something I would expect cats to do, but I’ve seen some dogs this from time to time. It’s super fun to watch because they turn in multiple circles so fast in one direction, and then chase their tail in the opposite direction just as fast. The amazing thing is that they dont ever seem to get dizzy!

Doggy Dreams. Does your dog ever make strange noises when they are deep asleep? Mine make all sorts of weird noises, shake and twitch all at the same time. It was really strange to see at first, but I’ve gotten used to it. It is actually pretty close to human behavior when we go in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. I just always wonder what sort of dreams our dogs have. Probably about a big fat juicy steak is my guess.

Rolling in Smelly Stuff. I hate when my dogs do this, but I suppose this is just a basic trait of most dogs. Here’s the scenario. I just get my dogs groomed all nice and neat and smelling great. I’ll take them to the park the next day and they’ll go start rolling around in something smelly they’ve discovered. There goes the nice bath and grooming they just got. I don’t know why they do this, but it could be related to marking an area or letting other dogs know what they’ve found. Who knows, I really have no idea.

Being Racist! This one is really embarrassing. For some reason, my dogs tend to bark at darker-skinned individuals. It gets really embarrassing when we are in public and my dog starts barking like a maniac at people with dark skin. I have no idea why they do this, but it makes for a really awkward situation. I really need to teach my dogs that inside, we are all similar!