The Most Useful Tips On How To Use Tarot Cards You Need To Know

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A deck of Tarot cards is one of the most recognizable and common methods for spiritual use. The cards themselves, of course, don’t have mystical power. Instead, they are a source of information that helps the reader find the answers to the client’s questions as well as proposes a course of concrete action. Feel curious about how to use Tarot cards? You must understand their root first!

The cards did emerge in the mid 15th century in Europe as playing games. From the late 17th century, they were actually adopted by mystics for the art of divination. The first-known documented cards of Tarot were created between 1430 and 1450. Meanwhile, the extra trump cards with allegorical illustrations were also added to the popular 4-suit pack. Over many hundreds of years, Tarot became linked with the esoteric principles. A French Protestant pastor, namely Antoine Court de Gebelin, did print an essay on the Tarot’s esoteric meaning in 1773. The essay also became the basis for Tarot theory later.

In 1910, the publisher William Rider and Son produced a new pack of Tarot. This new pack had every card rendered with mystic symbolism. In the next year, A. E. Waite also published the A Pictorial Guide to the Tarot that went with the new deck.

So, How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Based on many arcane elements, Tarot is a particular system of information gathering. Astrology, numerology, and even alchemical symbols are also worked in the cards’ meanings. It’s quite true that the reader’s intuition is necessary to conduct an accurate reading. But, the cards’ symbols also play an important role in associating with specific information.

Before knowing how to use tarot cards for beginners, you must remember that the deck is combined by two groups of cards. The first group is the 22 cards of Major Arcana, representing the spirit growth of man. These cards are sequentially numbered. The Major Arcana is suitable for answering the questions about spiritual matters. Once they appear in a reading, for instance, it means that solving an issue in the highest and most moral way is always the best idea!

The second group is the Minor Arcana, divided into 4 suits of 14 cards. There are 10 numerically sequenced cards in each suit, in addition to 4 court cards. In fact, the 4 suits are the basis of modern playing cards, in which each has a specific area of human interest. Pentacles talk about money matters, Cups talk about relationships, Swords talk about difficulties and trials, while Wands talk about communication. Every suit relates to one of the 4 alchemical elements. Meanwhile, every numbered card is aligned with the meaning of numbers in numerology. The Page, Knight, Queen and King are the court cards. Depending on the certain cards and their positions in different spreads, a qualified Tarot reader is able to provide you with the timing of a future event.

During the process of how to use tarot cards on yourself, knowing the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana is not enough. A psychic should be prepared to interpret upside-down cards. Remember that they are not always the opposite meaning of the upside cards. Is Death a bad card by all means? Of course, No! Instead, it just means that one part of your life (not your actual life) is close to its end. Further, there are many different spreads and ways to position the cards. Don’t worry! The excellent reader is capable of giving you a variety of different spreads which can bring the answers to many questions in sharper focus.

How To Solve Problems With Tarot Cards?

To satisfy the question “How to read tarot cards” you’re able to apply such the process for the reality. It’s designed to help you answer questions or situations in life. This is what you must do:

Find an undisturbed space where you may sit and lay out the cards.

Shuffle the deck in a careful way.

Once feeling pleased with your shuffle, you should form in mind a clear sentence or picture of what you want to solve. You can ask, for instance, “Is it a good idea to study for this diploma at this time?” Focus much your attention on this question.

From the top of the card deck, please pick the first 3 cards. Then, spread them out face down, side by side, and in front of you.

Turn each card over. The left card shows the past with aspect to the situation you asked about. The middle shows what you must focus on right now. The right card shows the far-off considerations to take into account with aspect to the situation you asked about.

Enjoy opening up new perspectives and making the connections! To help master every card, you can also refer to the guidebook after this process. There can be a short description of each card in your book. If you chose the card “Hina”, for instance, it’s easy to discover in the book that this card often represented freedom. Then, you may reflect on this and connect it to the asked question.

Repeat this whole process as many times as possible.

In general, the exercise is what you make of it. That’s a wonderful free association technique that can help in most areas of your life. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try whenever you get stuck in any sticky field of your life.

Are Tarot Card Readings For You?

How to use Tarot cards is not as challenging as we thought, right? All you need is to listen to your intuition and have a basic knowledge of the cards’ meanings, spreads, and interpretation. Tarot is an accessible and flexible form of divination. Lots of people are amazed at the depth of information revealed by a good Tarot card. Often times, it may even uncover information the querent does not know or expect. If you are looking for the concrete answers to the current problems, using Tarot reading is a good fit for you.

Finally, with information and knowledge to help you study and read online Psychic Reading, it is designed to consider ways to improve intellectual skills, such as: dealing with the deceased, communicating and understanding the arts. Anthropologists are there to learn from experiments and so on.