Get The Authenticity Of A Message App


The right to privacy is fundamental for everyone. Whether this privacy is at your home, you are trying fresh clothes at your local clothing store or conversing online with your friends and loved ones. When it’s physical privacy, it is a manageable idea to understand and monitor because you are protected when you are not being watched or heard. Online privacy is a bit difficult to comprehend and monitor. Whether exchanging movie ideas with friends or sending confidential documents to your boss, you can protect your communication with private messages. 

Privacy is not a joke for some. The notes that you want to send personally are the most significant ones. If you do not send it securely, you may get consequences. When you send a message to a person and want only them to see it, you need a medium that lets you send a private message to the ones you want without it being seen by someone. 

Why is privacy imperative while texting?

When many individuals think about privacy, the first that comes into their mind automatically is illegal activities. It is a pretty weird assumption as people attach great importance to physical privacy but do not make the same assumption in the real world when someone demands privacy. The ability to stay private and secure in online communications, even when sending confidential business documents and thought-provoking pictures to loved ones, should be a rudimentary privilege of all Internet users. 

Why do people value secure messaging?

  • It saves you from identity theft

It is something that people have to worry about. Sharing sensitive pictures and details (such as driver’s license or passport, bank account information, etc.) in any messaging app is very easy. Using these data as a weapon, criminals can impersonate you and launch various ID attacks. 

  • It helps you by keeping your information away from the eyes of the public

There may have been times when people might have woken up and jumped online only to notice that what they were talking about with their friend the day before was advertised or posted online on any social media. These advertisers or members on the social media platform bid on this data so that they can sell it, and this is how a lot of free messaging platforms make money. Therefore, you must be careful before using any messaging app.

  •  It keeps your business dealings secure

You should use a highly reliable and trusted messaging app when discussing or sharing sensitive data about your organization. It may get required by the law through nondisclosure agreements or NDAs or sensitive academic property that should not get disclosed.

  • In between journalists and whistleblowers

If a journalist is reporting a piece of news in a country where they do not want to, they can land themselves in a problem if they get caught. Therefore, if you use an insecure messaging app, it can put someone in jail.

  • Your want for privacy is valid

Privacy is everyone’s right. And wanting your privacy through online communication is perfectly reasonable and fitting. You may be conversing with a loved one or negotiating service with a stranger. In either case, you need to enable secure and confidential contact over the Internet.

What makes a particular messaging app secure?

  • End-to-end-encryption

The first and foremost thing that any messaging app must have is E2EE or end-to-end encryption. For any app claiming to be a secured and private messenger is this E2EE aspect. It means that anyone trying to intercept your data will not be able to read or understand it because your messages are encrypted the whole time. The message can only get read by the person sending and receiving it. 

  • Where your message gets stored

It is also crucial to consider as you must know who processes and saves the messages. If the messaging app you use from particular messaging company stores the message, then that company can decrypt your texts if the encryption does not work. It also depends on where and how the message gets stored. Some law enforcement and other third forces may propel the company to disclose the information. To prevent this, some messaging apps avoid keeping them in one place. Some also have a feature of self-destruction of text after a while. 

  • Details needed to sign-up

Some messaging apps are private but do not deliver anonymity. These messaging apps usually hide the content of the message you send but cannot conceal the reality that you sent it. Therefore, anonymous messaging apps hide all data about the texting and not just the content of the message. Also, it might not be anonymous if you want to associate a name, email address, or phone number with your account. Keeping yourself completely unknown means that no one can trace your conversation back to you.

It is where the authenticity of privnote comes in, as it allows you to send a private message and has a feature of self-destruction.