Display your emotions through Flowers as a Gift!

Gifts Guide

Occasions hold a lot of importance in displaying the cultural heritage and in following the traditional decorations and usage of different components of nature in them. Making sure that everything used in an occasion has some meaning behind it is the sole purpose of keeping the spirit of the occasions and the people participating in them alive. 

Some of these components and products that are used hold very high importance and deep meanings behind them. They might appear very simple but have a tremendous amount of emotions attached to them either way, i.e, from the side that is gifting them to the side who’s receiving. 

The use of these products cherishes the plethora of different emotions behind them. It can be presented to others as a gift or as a very emotional commodity to be handed over to somebody. 

Why is choosing the right flower so important for the occasion?

One of such gifts and products that show a tremendous display of cultural heritage and an ordeal of different emotions is the usage of flowers on these occasions. There are flowers for different occasions, and there are plenty of occasions you can use to give flowers to somebody to express what you feel for them. 

Hence you must choose the right flowers to do the work and depict what you want to represent before them, and this gives the person on the receiving side a very clear vision as to how the person giving it to them is feeling like and how they feel about you.

Therefore, you should make sure you know the meaning behind the flowers you choose to offer people on different occasions. 

Here are a few examples about the occasions that commonly occur in one’s life and what flowers you can choose concerning that occasion:


  • Since birthdays depict the person’s completion of a year’s worth of time on this earth and getting older, flowers that resemble thankfulness and a mood of happiness are deemed very appropriate on this occasion. 
  • Flowers that are bright yellow or bouquets of different types of flowers like daisies, roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, and lilies are a good choice to be presented on this occasion.

Valentine’s Day: 

  • Valentine’s day is when people celebrate their love and affection for their partners and cherish them. They also let their partners know how grateful they are because of their existence, and there is an immense amount of love and affection that is showered and present in the atmosphere.
  • Since the rose is considered a symbol of deep love, affection, and passion, it is considered the most commonly gifted flower on this occasion. 

Administrative/Professional Day:

  • After working and being under supervision for various work consignments and maintaining productivity, a professional day is one of those days where you get a chance to thank your superior for all the knowledge and support they have shared with you for your professional betterment throughout the year. 
  • Therefore, orchids, tulips, and a bouquet of different bright flowers can depict your emotions of gratefulness and thankfulness accurately to your peers and superiors on this occasion.

Funeral/Demise of a Close Person:

  • Sympathy flowers are the best you can offer to the person’s casket or the family after an uncertain, sad demise of a close member. 
  • You can look up the internet for more knowledge about Singapore sympathy flowers. Singapore offers bouquets of these sympathy flowers as a gift that also provides a sense of freedom and peace to the soul who has left the earth. 

The options regarding flowers for different occasions are available in abundance. You can always seek advice and better information regarding the type of flower you feel might be appropriate to an occasion on the internet or by asking/ seeking advice and judgment from a close friend or a guardian who is well aware of your intentions and understand you better.